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We would like to thank Fr. Robert Hanna and St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Charleroi, for letting us use the church hall whenever we need it.  Your continued support of our unit is greatly appreciated!!

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Forms and Documents

Canoe Trip Information
  Hazelbaker's Liability Form
Eagle Scout Information
  Eagle Scout Project Guidelines
  NESA trail to Eagle Information
General Information
  2013 Escape Trip Information
  2017 Campership Information
  2017 MBU
  2017 MBU V3
  2017 Sarris Easter Candy
  2018 Sarris Christmas Candy
  2019 Spring Camporee
  2020 MBU Scout Pick Up Authorization
  2020 MBU Information Sheet
  2020 Sarris Easter Candy
  BSA Background Check
  December 2018 Hoagie Sale
  Family Life Workbook 2017
  February 2017 Hoagie Sale
  Gift Card Information and Order Form 2'-2017
  Heritage Map Eagle Base
  Hoagie Order Form 2-2019
  Jacobs Pepperoni Roll Sale
  January 2019 Hoagie Form
  January 2020 Hoagie Order Form
  March 2020 Hoagie Sale
  Personal Fitness Workbook 2017
  Personal Management Workbook
  Safety Merit Badge Checklist
  Sarris Christmas 2017
  Spaghetti Dinner Poster v4
  Troop Eagle Roster
  Troop Times 4-28-2020
  Troop Times Spring 2017
  What is a Boy Scout?
  White House Information
General Scout Forms
  2020 MBU Permission Slip
  2020 MBU Prerequisites
  Boy Scout World Conservation Form
  BSA Lifegaurd Application
  Historic Trails Application/ 50 Miler Award
  Map and Directions for California University
Greater Pittsburgh Council Forms
  Adult Web Release Form
  Camp Beaver Service Patch
  Campership Application
  Camping Facilities Information
  District Award of Merit
  Facility Rental Application
  Incident Report
  Local Tour Permit (excel)
  Local Tour Permit (pdf)
  PA Fish and Boat Conservation Award
  PA Forestry Award
  PA Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Award
  Youth Protection Guidelines
Medical Forms
  Annual Medical
  GPC Heritage Reservation Supplimental Medical Form
  New 2009 - 2010 Medical Form
Merit Badge Information
  GPC Merit Badge Counselor Agreement
Merit Badge University
  Merit Badge University Sign Up Sheet
  Pre-requisite Form
Permission Slips
  2008 Escape Trip
  2009 Escape Trip
  2009 Spring Camporee
  2013 Spring Camporee Permission Slip
  2017 Anawanna December
  2017 Anawanna Permission Slip December
  Blank Permission Slips
  February 2009 Anawanna Trip
  Guyasuta Camping Trip November 14 - 16
  Laurel Caverns Release
  Twin Echo 2011
Troop Forms
  2008 Escape Trip information
  2009 Escape Trip Flyer
  2009 Escape Trip Itinerary
  2013 DC Tour Personal Information
  2019 Sarris Easter Candy
  Adult Internet Consent Form
  Blank Permission Slip
  Hoagie Order Form 2011
  Hoagie Sale Guidelines
  March 2009 Hoagie Order Form
  Merit Badge Clinic 3-2009
  Motor Vehicle Registration
  Spaghetti Dinner Poster 5/08
  Troop Meeting Location
  Under 18 Internet Consent Form
  ZOO 2017
  Adobe Reader

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